Business Intelligence

Business Intelligence

Above all else show the data

Business intelligence (BI) refers to the procedural and technical infrastructure that collects, stores, and analyzes the data produced by a company’s activities.

BI represents the technical infrastructure that collects, stores, and analyzes organization data.
BI parses data and produces reports and information that help management to make better decisions.
BI tools and software come in a wide variety of forms such as spreadsheets, reporting/query software, data visualization software, data mining tools, and online analytical processing (OLAP).
Self-service BI is an approach to analytics that allows individuals without a technical background to access and explore data

Data Accuracy & Reliability 

Creating a single source of truth that is accurate is vital to generate confidence in the user base, data anomalies can happen during transforming the data from multiple sources to another.

Our team in Para Solutions will put their expertise in helping you finding out the data anomalies and cleanse it, in order to create for you a mission critical single source of truth. 
Data accuracy measures the degree to which data represents the real world
Solution Performance

Creating a mission critical business intelligence solution, relies heavily on acquiring the information as fast as possible, near real time solutions is one of the key solutions that para solutions can produce. 

To be able to access the information via different devices, in case you are inside the network or outside. Reports could be delivered on iPads, iPhones, desktops, and be completely platform independent. 

Adding Business Value

Good Business intelligence Value is critical and strategic goal for any organization, In Para solution it’s our discipline to enable you to optimize planning and to react quickly, efficiently to meet your business needs. 

Business Value: We prioritize the quick delivery of business value. 

Solutions: Para Solutions is focused on business solutions that are at the forefront of business value realization, grounded in our Centers of Excellence (COEs) in Business Process Solutions, Collaboration Solutions, and Enabling Technologies.

Projects: We conduct our engagements from a project oriented perspective.  That means centering our solution and value delivery on outcomes, deliverables, defined scope of work, and accountability. 
Discipline: Everything we do in our initiatives is aimed at execution with focused rigor and methodology, representative of best practices, and expert experienced resources.  This includes our COE in Program and Project Management. 

Partners: Para Solutions’ culture is centered on a “partner” mentality and practice.  This includes partnering with our clients, our associates, our suppliers, and technology and consulting providers.


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