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Digital Experience

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Digital Experiences and Business

Digital Experiences define the field of digitizing, revolutionizing, and completely revitalizing the user experience, in order to create the services that are possible only through the internet and the latest in modern technology

"Digital experience strategy isn’t an IT-driven initiative; it’s a customer-needs driven initiative. There’s a huge difference between simply using digital technology and actually leveraging it to improve customer experiences and better address customer needs."

Technology isn't enough to create a digital experience, consider digital experience as a process that unlocks abilities that non-digital processes can never perform.

Customer experience has never been a more important acquisition and retention tool, today, it has never been easier to switch from service provider to another, which makes the ability to retain the customer attention invaluable.

Key to providing a modern customer experience is omnichannel – where customers move from one point of engagement (web, contact-center, social, or real-world) to another, based on their need and preference. It sounds like table stakes. However, orchestrating a cohesive, contextual experience that meets brand standards, achieves business goals across all channels and touchpoints, while it delights customers, is extremely challenging. Digital customer experience management has now become a massively difficult task but one that will differentiate your company when done well.

Digital Experience Platform, what is a DXP ?

The digital age has led to empowered and connected consumers with rising expectations. And these consumer expectations are driving organizational change across industries – from manufacturing to retail to healthcare and beyond.

Digital experience platforms (DXPs) support organizations as they adapt to the exponential shifts of the digital age.

A DXP streamlines engagement and provides the coveted 360-degree view of customers, across channels, and continuously updated in real time, taking the analytics of a CMS to a whole new personalized level.

In short, a DXP is the tool (or set of tools) that powers personalized, cross-channel digital experiences. The right one will replace much of your current martech stack and fluidly integrate with the rest of it. The benefits are clear:

  • Omnichannel reach: With voice-enablement rising and IoT devices proliferating, reaching your audience where they are and where they will be has never been more essential.
  • Build lasting relationships: Smart organizations know that a conversion isn’t the end of the relationship, it’s a new beginning. A DXP powers and tracks engagements throughout the entire lifecycle.
  • Integrations that deliver: Disparate data isn’t actionable. Connected data is. And with the market in continual flux, knowing that future integrations won’t be an issue delivers maybe the rarest commodity today – peace of mind.

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